Lovebird Ngetik Ngekek Offline (Premium Cracked) 1.2

Lovebird Ngetik Ngekek Offline (Premium Cracked) 1.2

Mod Information of Lovebird Ngetik Ngekek Offline

App Name Lovebird Ngetik Ngekek Offline v1.1
Genre Apps, Entertainment
Size29.0 MB
Latest Version1.1
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Package Namecom.rajekwesi.lovebird.ngetik.ngekek.offline
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Description of Lovebird Ngetik Ngekek Offline Unlimited Money/Coins for android free download

Latest version of this game (com.rajekwesi.lovebird.ngetik.ngekek.offline)

Aplikasi Lovebird Ngetik Ngekek Offline merupakan kumpulan audio kicau khas dari burung lovebird, yaitu ngetik dan ngekek. Lovebird (LB) merupakan salah satu burung dengan aneka variasi warna bulu serta ciri khas kicau ngetik ngekek. Jenis burung ini banyak sekali dipelihara oleh para kicaumania. Baik sebagai gacoan lomba maupun masteran burung kicau lainnya (murai batu, kacer dan cucak ijo). Untuk memiliki lovebird yang rajin ngekek tentunya butuh proses kesabaran dan ketelatenan yang cukup. Dalam aplikasi ini kami sediakan beberapa audio kicau khas burung lovebird yang bisa dijadikan sebagai pemacu semangat lovebird agar rajin ngetik dan berlanjut dengan ngekek. Selain itu, koleksi audio lovebird dalam aplikasi ini juga bisa digunakan untuk memaster burung jenis lainnya.

Fitur aplikasi lovebird ngetik ngekek offline :
1. Tidak memerlukan koneksi internet
2. Disediakan 4 kategori kicauan
3. Aplikasi sederhana dan hemat RAM
4. Audio bisa diputar dengan mode acak maupun single
5. Audio bisa diatur sebagai nada dering, nada notifikasi dan alarm

Kategori kicau yang disajikan :
1. Kicau lovebird harian
2. Kicau lovebird ngetik ngekek
3. Masteran lovebird ngetik ngekek
4. Masteran lovebird PAUD
5. Tips rawatan lovebird

Segala dukungan, kritik dan saran demi penyempurnaan aplikasi ini tetap kami harapkan. Selamat mendownload dan semoga aplikasi ini membawa banyak manfaat bagi pecinta burung lovebird. Terima kasih.

Disclaimer :
All of content in this application is not our trademark. We only get the content from search engine and website. Please let me know if your original content want to remove from our application.
The Ngekek Offline Lovebird Application is a collection of audio chirps typical of lovebird birds, namely typing and nagging. Lovebird (LB) is one of the birds with various variations of feather color and the characteristic of typing chirping. This type of bird is maintained by many kicaumania. Both as a gacoan race and master of other chirping birds (stone magpie, kacer and cucak ijo). To have lovebird that is diligent in making sure you need a sufficient process of patience and patience. In this application we provide some audio of the unique chirping of lovebird birds that can be used as a trigger for the spirit of lovebird to be diligent in typing and continue with nagging. In addition, the lovebird audio collection in this application can also be used for pasting other types of birds.

The lovebird application features typing offline speed:
1. Does not require an internet connection
2. Provided 4 categories of tweets
3. Simple and saving RAM application
4. Audio can be played with random or single mode
5. Audio can be set as a ringtone, notification tone and alarm

The chirping category presented:
1. Daily lovebird chirping
2. Chirping lovebird typed nosy
3. Masteran lovebird is typing tight
4. Masteran lovebird PAUD
5. Tips on lovebird care

All support, criticism and suggestions for improving this application are still expected. Happy downloading and hopefully this application brings many benefits for lovebird bird lovers. thanks.

All content in this application is not our trademark. We only get the content from the search engine and website. Please let me know if your original content wants to remove from our application.
– Update SDK API terbaru
– Perbaikan icon aplikasi

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