無盡的拉格朗日  1.2.245306 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

無盡的拉格朗日 1.2.245306 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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App Name 無盡的拉格朗日 v
Genre Games, Strategy
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Package Namecom.netease.lag.hmt

Description of 無盡的拉格朗日 Unlimited Money/Coins for android free download

Latest version of this game (com.netease.lag.hmt)

你,作為一個勢力的領袖,正處於這種自由、充滿挑戰和機遇的時代。你將組建起一支艦隊,前往一個未知的星系進行開拓。你將面臨什麼? 合作和競爭,明爭與暗鬥。是半途放棄,還是成就銀河系中史無前例的大事業?伴隨著巨大的星門建成,是繼續開拓,還是回歸熟悉的藍色家園?

• 從一無所有到強盛
• 艦船個性化定制
• 多種戰艦搭配
• 真實大規模太空戰爭
• 探索未知領域
在銀河系的一隅,你將擁有自己的基地與視野,除此之外便是廣博的未知領域。你將派遣自己的艦隊開拓視野,逐步走進“黑暗森林”的太空環境。這裡有無盡的可能,除了星星,你還會發現什麼? 只有你能回答這個問題。
• 與星際勢力的互動
• 開拓同盟疆域
這是一個動態的真實社會,合作和衝突在日常中上演…… 加入或組建同盟,和全球玩家協同作戰。開拓同盟的疆域,將同盟的信念帶往星系的各個角落。外交是發展的關鍵,協商共榮還是猜忌離析,你將進入到一個永不無聊的動態宇宙。

This is the era of interstellar navigation. With the help of a huge transportation network in the Milky Way-the Lagrangian system, our footprints cover one-third of the Milky Way area. Various forces are constantly coming and going in the galaxy, with different Means realize their own survival and development, and seek to master the Lagrangian system.
You, as a leader of a power, are in this era of freedom, full of challenges and opportunities. You will form a fleet to explore an unknown galaxy. What will you face? Cooperation and competition, open and secret fights. Is it to give up halfway, or to achieve an unprecedented cause in the galaxy? With the completion of the huge star gate, will it continue to open up, or return to the familiar blue home?

• From nothing to prosperity
Go to an unknown galaxy. At the beginning, you only have a small space station in the interstellar space, one or two frigates. In the collection, construction, and trade, expand your own power and control range, obtain the construction technology of advanced ships, and master the right to speak in the interstellar.
• Ship personalized customization
The weapon system of each warship can be modified, and the blueprint of each ship has 5-7 accessory systems waiting to be modified, providing a personalized customized experience. The maximum potential of the fleet depends on your choice.
• Variety of battleship collocation
Spore fighters, Ceres-star destroyers, New Constantine-class battle cruisers, Sun Whale aircraft carriers… dozens of ship types, hundreds of aircraft and battleships with different functions, providing a variety of strategic collocations and choices.
• Real large-scale space war
Fleets collide and engage in real space battles. They can ambush enemy fleets on the way through careful layout, or send fleets to guard traffic arteries. Large-scale fierce battles will form hundreds of kilometers of no-fly zones in the galaxy.
• Explore uncharted territory
In a corner of the galaxy, you will have your own base and vision, in addition to the vast unknown territory. You will send your own fleet to broaden your horizons and gradually walk into the space environment of the “dark forest”. There are endless possibilities here, what else can you find besides the stars? Only you can answer this question.
• Interaction with interstellar forces
Various forces are active in many star regions. You can send ships to show them to achieve their goals, cooperate and prosper together, or you can replace them by occupying their airspace and territories. There are countless unknown tasks waiting for you, how will you choose?
• Open up the territory of the alliance
This is a dynamic real society, where cooperation and conflict are staged daily… Join or form alliances and fight with players from all over the world. Open up the boundaries of the alliance and bring the belief of the alliance to all corners of the galaxy. Diplomacy is the key to development, negotiation and co-prosperity or suspicion and separation, you will enter a dynamic universe that is never boring.

Full 3D three-dimensional presentation, close-up, multi-angle viewing of the battle screen, forming an interstellar battlefield like movie quality, this time, you are the protagonist.


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